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Facts and Questions


What does Floor Restore do?

Sandless floor Refinishing.

We utilize a special wet solution and high speed buffer to remove dirt and contaminants from the flooring. We then use a high speed cleaning machine to safely deep clean the floors. A fresh coat of finishes is applied to the floor, bringing back the original beauty or shine. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.

Deep Harwood Cleaning

Utilizing our commercial grade cleaning machines and special cleaner. Floor Restore is able to quickly and safely deep clean your hardwood floors. This process is the perfect spring cleaning, getting your house or property ready to show, or between tenants to safely remove the contaminates leaving exceptionally clean floors. Normal cleaning is unable to fully remove all dirt from the floors, our machines extract the dirt, leaving nothing but clean floors behind. Our process is safe for the floors’ existing finishines. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.

Floor Installation

Floor Restore does more than refinish and clean hardwoods. Floor Restore offers expertly installed hardwood, engineered floors, vinyl plank flooring, and laminate. We know that finding a professional and reliable company is no easy task. Our mission is to make the process quick, professional and easy. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.

Trim Installation

Floor Restore services just don’t stop at bringing out your home’s beauty in the floors. We offer high quality trim installation, ranging from baseboards, door trim, and feature walls. Contact Us today and see what a difference new timeless trim work can bring to your house. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


Can Floor Restore Refinish Waxed Hardwood Floors?

Yes We Can!! We utilize a special process and high speed machines we are able to remove the wax from the floor safely and quickly. Though wax protects the floor and looks great when first applied. Over time the wax traps dirt and begins to break down. This will leave the floors looking dull and damaged. Our process will bring back the original shine and beauty. We can also remove wax from engineered floors. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


Can Floor Restore’s process remove acrylic floor products!

Yes We Can! Just like how we can refinish floors that have been treated with wax, our same process and remove the acrylic floor coats. These acrylic coatings are typically found at major retailers. These products may look great initially and bring a real shine, but acrylics quickly break down leaving the floors looking terrible and causing the process to have to be reapplied over and over again. We can safely and effectively remove these acrylics, and recoat the floor to bring back the floors natural beauty. This process can also work for engineered hardwood flooring. Often homeowners believe these engineered floors need to be removed once the acrylic has been applied. THIS IS NOT TRUE! We can safely and effectively remove acrylic coating on the engineered floor and deep clean them to bring the life back to the floors. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


Can Floor Restore remove pet stains in wood?

Pet stains are a sore eye in hardwood floors. Unfortunately these dark unsightly stains penetrate all the way through the boards. This is because a pet’s urine contains bacteria which begins to eat through the sealer, finish, and continue through the board itself. Even traditional sanding will not be able to remove the stain. To combat this problem we offer board replacement services to eliminate the problem boards and replace them with new flooring. Contact us today to see how we can help with pet stained boards. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


Have your floors been sanded out?

Hardwood flooring typically can only be sanded about three times before it needs to be replaced. This can be a problem for owners who can’t afford the cost of new flooring or don’t want to lose time looking at their floors in the home or property. Floor Restore process is the perfect solution to this issue, because we offer sandless floor refinishing. We are able to bring the beauty and protection back to your hardwoods without the cost and hassle of new flooring installation, but if you are interested in installing new floors we offer that solution as well! Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


Does Floor Restore do more than Floors?

YESS! Floor Restore does more than just floor refinishing and installation. We also offer carpet remove, furniture moving before and after the service, and trim installation. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


Can Floor Restore process work in engineered floors or laminate?

Yes! Floor Restore is able to safely deep clean your laminate and engineered hardwoods. Most engineered floors can’t be sanded and the cost to replace is often expenses. We can safely and effectively deep clean these floors and even add a protective coating to bring back the original shine and beauty. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


How is Floor Restores process work for business properties?

Because Floor Restore utilizes a special wet process to refinish hardwood floors that means our process is fast. Unlike traditional sanding which can take days, our process is usually completed in a day, allowing no down time for your business.

Have a bar or restaurant and your hardwoods are sticky from spills? Floor restore can HELP!! Because we utilize high speed commercial grade machines and cleaners we can deep clean those floors, removing the contaminates and leaving your floors fresh and clean. We can do this deep clean while your business is closed and your floors will look perfect by the next opening. Contact Us today to get your Free Quote.


How Do You Contact Floor Restore?

Contacting Floor Restore is easy and there are multiple ways to get in contact with us. Fill out the above form and we will quickly get back to you, or contact us at (618) 803-9559, or at info@floorrestore.com. We look forward to serving you and offering you the best floor service in the Greater St. Louis Area.